Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006


I got home tonight and my back was killing me. I tried to relax, but it just seemed to get worse. I chatted with Jack and Ryan on IM for awhile and played SWAT-4. I got bored with that, I just couldn't stay focused on the game. I changed and got on IRC to see about getting into a chat with some people about "stuff." I did find a channel on Dalnet called Adventist. I chatted with a few other Adventist for awhile, and it was really nice to see them on IRC, since it is such a wild place. My back continued to hurt so I went to bed early to rest my back.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

PigPogPDA - A Moleskine Hacked into a Complete System | PigPog

PigPogPDA - A Moleskine Hacked into a Complete System | PigPog


We are sill conducting CAT-6 statewide testing. We have this Vice Principal, that I really think just doesn't know WTF she is doing. She interrupted my class today during the test. She had her secretary call my class, and call two of my students up to the office to receive discipline for a water fight. I can't believe that she interrupted testing. Out of all the things that occur during the year, this is the most important event. I tried to let it go, but it just continued. I had a counselor come to my class with a new student just prior to the start of the second testing period. She'd be told by the VP to have the new student sit in my class during the testing period for two hours and do nothing. That makes no sense. Then in the middle of the second testing block, I was interrupted again and told that I needed to go to the office right away and see the VP. They believe that they might have found some "Pot" and wanted me to confirm it is "Pot." When I arrived they told me that it was some grass and sticks, they just wanted me to talk to the kids. So I did and went back to class. What a waste of my time. At least my AA meeting was tonight and it was really good. I needed it!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A broken toe, Tuesday!

Poor Britty broke her right toe today. She dropped a fifty pound weight on it during her morning weight lifting class. She said, that no one even knew she'd hurt herself, since she didn't say anything about the pain. She's a tough girl, not a sissy. It would have been better if she'd said something to the teacher though. She decided to take her shoe off about 4 hours later, during lunch, and found blood in her shoe. That's when she decided to say something to someone. Debbie picked her up from school and took her to Urgent Care in Banning. They X-Rayed the toe and found that it was broken in four places. She got an appointment to get a cast on Wednesday. Until then she's wearing a soft boot cast. Not only is Britty smart, of course straight A's in all classes, but she's tough. Some of the kids at her school said they would have cried if that happened to them. When I got home, I told her that I was very proud of her for not crying.

Monday, April 17, 2006


It was a regular day at school, no CAT-6 testing. Nothing exciting happened. I left quickly after school. I mowed the front yard, which needed it. I picked up Britty from practice at 6:00 PM and we had some leftover BBQ for dinner. Debbie was out with a few friends that flew into town for some work. I tried to get to sleep early but just had the hardest time getting to bed.

Peer Mind - Your Personal P2P Monitor

Peer Mind - Your Personal P2P Monitor

Cloud Atlas

cloud atlas
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We've had alot of high clouds lately and this picture reminds me of them.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday (Easter)

I got up early this morning and took Britty up to the barn to get her saddled up for a ride with her friends. The rest of the day I spent just relaxing with Debbie. We had Marty, my father-in-law over for a BBQ in the evening. I bbq'd chicken and steak. It was a nice meal and evening together. We didn't do anything for Easter.