Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

Nice walk on the ocean

Vacation with Izzy to Mom and Dad's House - 008
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My sister, Kim holding Izzy while we walk along the Hammond Trail at my parents house. In the background you can see the Mad River emptying out into the Pacific Ocean. My parents live about 100 yards away looking out over the ocean.

My father, Izzy and my Mom.

Vacation with Izzy to Mom and Dad's House - 026
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On the back deck at my sister, Kim's house in Arcata, CA. We had a nice BBQ and enjoyed ourselves. It was nice to be with my family.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

At my parents house

Izzy and I yesterday here at my parents house for a weeklong visit. My parents live in Northern California. About a 13 hour drive or two hour flight from my house. McKinleyville CA. It's called, just North of Arcata and Eureka. It's a nice little place on the coast in the Redwoods. My parents have a nice house right on the ocean. Izzy and I had a nice flight out of Palm Springs with change of planes in San Francisco. Izzy was wonderful and slept most of the trip. Yesterday I went for a long walk on the Hammond trail with Izzy and my older sister, Kim. Worked in my parent's yard with my brother-in-law, Dave, a wonderful guy that I really admire. Today, my Mom, Izzy and I went to church, napped and bbq'd at Kim's house. It's been a nice two days. Posted on my Blackberry.