Saturday, August 23, 2008


We didn't go to church today which was a disappointment.  Debbie's friend, Liz had a party over at her house in Rancho Cucamonga.  It was pretty bad.  I watched Izzy or Amber during the party and pretty much waited for it to get over.  Liz's husband is a heck of a nice guy, and I really enjoy his company, but her was busy with the party.  I did go up to Bogart Park in Cherry Valley and had BBQ dinner with Jack, my friend and his family.  They have this fantastic horse trailer with living quarters.  It's is fully loaded with everything you could imagine.  After everyone ate and either left of went to sleep, we talked about things.  He said something that really made me think.  I told him that I know that I can't last 18 years in the classroom teaching and that's why it is important that I get my Counseling/Administration credential.  he said he understood that it was like being a Beat Cop at age 50.  It's funny that he thought of the job in that way.  It isn't that bad, but I don't think I'll have the energy necessary to be a good Teacher when I am that old.  I really have done anything at all this weekend and that bothers me some what.  

Friday, August 22, 2008

End of the week

It's the end of the first full week of the new school year.  I am still not sure of the kids, but I am hopeful that they will be as nice.  I have alot of things stacking up on my plate already and I really need to focus and get things cleaned up.  

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another day down

Another day this week is done and I'm glad it's almost over.  It'll be nice to go to church on Sabbath and get some work done around the house.  I'm still up in the air about my kids this year.  I do have a GATE class which can be really nice, but I also have some really low classes.  An okay mix of kids.  Time will tell how the year will progress.  I'm listening to "The Treasure of Khan" a Clive Cussler audio book on the way to work and back each day.  I've enjoyed it so far although I'm only on Chapter Two.  In the morning several co-workers are going to meet for coffee at Starbucks.  It's a weekly meeting before the meeting on Friday.  

Off to work

Off to a day of work.  I sure wish I could go to the meeting tonight, but I am pretty sure that isn't going to happen.  Debbie was up all last night working trying to catch up.  She's bound to be tired today watching the girls.  I need to make sure that she atleast gets a nice dinner.  maybe I'll order flowers for her.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness

One of the best sites on the web.  Everyone knows how manly I am.

I should read this daily.  I love my wife, and want to be a good husband.  

Off Roading with Jason and Izzy

Off Roading with Jason and Izzy
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Izzy, Jason and I went off-roading a few weeks ago and found ourselves up in Oak Glen overlooking Rileys farm. Izzy with her beautiful grin, she knows something we don't.

Hopes Unfulfilled

I had hopes that i would start blogging on a daily basis again starting with the new school year.  it hasn't happened and it seems like I'm always busy or just too tired.  The kids have been in class for a full week as of today.  Nothing outstanding about this group, but it is still early.  I am teaching three periods of Social Studies, one GATE Social Studies class and a Communication and Publishing class.  I can't say I'm excited to be teaching again.  I miss Amber and Izzy.  We had a good Summer.  Two is alot more work than one.  Amber turned one on August 7th and Izzy turned three on July 28th.  Having two wonderful daughters is alot of work.  Debbie was gone to Florida the first week of school and both girls fell sick.   Mimi helped out alot and saved me and Debbie returned home a day early.  It was almost too much for me.  Both girls are feeling better, but I'm feeling tired alot.  I think I am lacking motivation.  I'll get over it.  The washing machine is broken and the repair man had to order parts, so that's fun.  The front screen door latch broke and I am having a tough time finding a replacement that will work, but I haven't tried that hard either.  One nice thing did happen, I bought a new Blackberry Curve this Summer.  Hopefully I can blog and Flickr from it and keep up some posting.  Darn I almost forgot, Amber took her first steps last week.  She's still not too sure of herself but trying hard everyday to be a big girl like Izzy. My friend Ryan, the Art teacher at my school is blogging again.  That is nice because at least one other person at school understands.  The University of Redlands still hasn't told me when classes begin again for my Masters program in Counseling hopefully soon so I can get done quicker.