Friday, March 24, 2006


TGIF! We went to see the Mighty Duck NHL team at the Arrowhead Pond play the Nashville predators tonight. It was a good game. We won 6-2, and it really felt good to see the Ducks play so well. Debbie, Britty and Marty all had a goodtime. Britty started the evening off in a bad mood, but by the start of the game, she was in good spirits. We all felt exhausted by the time we got home at Midnight, so we went right to sleep.

Apple 1 to 1 Leaning and Thursday

It was a short night, I didn't get much sleep last night. I had to be on the road by 5:30 AM and meet Ryan at his place in Riverside at 6:30 AM, for the ride into Orange County. It took us two hours to get to Fullerton. We attended a 1 to 1 laptop conference put on by Apple Computer and Fullerton U.S.D. Each student in the project school from 2nd grade to 8th grade received an Apple iBook, to use at school and home. We meet at Robert C. Fisler, a K-8 school in the upscale part of Fullerton. Like there is a ghetto in Fullerton! We took a tour of the school and class rooms. We looked at what they, kids and teachers, are doing with the laptop program. It was pretty amazing what the kids had accomplished. After our school tour, we had a working lunch at the Anaheim Hyatt. Lunch was a waste of time for the most part. They had a panel discussion about the program. They discussed all aspects of the program. It is in it's second year in Fullerton U.S.D. it is limited to four schools. Overall the program seems very interesting and really a good thing. I some how don't think this will ever happen in Moreno Valley. It took us three hours to drive back to Riverside. What a mess, I was so tense by the time I arrived at my AA meeting, I was ready to burst. The meeting went well. It was my thirteenth birthday celebration. It's been along time. I'm proud of being sober for that long.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It was a short day at school today, and nothing much happened. I went to Perris Burgers for lunch with a few other teachers. It wasn't bad. I had the usual, a teriyaki chicken bowl with Chinese dumplings. We had a few parent meetings after school, and I had to prepare for my substitute teacher the next day. I went my Kiwanis meeting and had a really goodtime, several of the members are German, and have invited me to the German American Club dinner. I'm looking foreword to that. We chatted and had a nice time. Then I can home and went to sleep.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Today was okay. The kids seemed like they are going crazy. Maybe it's just me. I was really upset that I didn't go to Britty's softball game after school. They had it scheduled at Bryant Park in Yucaipa, and at the last minute they moved it too Calvary Chapel in Redlands. By the time, I left work, I knew I'd never make it in time to see much of the game. So I just went home. That bothered me all night. I need to make a better effort at getting to her games, and paying attention to her accomplishments. She's such a good kid. She is batting 600 in softball. The highest in the CIF Victory league.

Google Page Creator

Google Page Creator

Hey, I'll try this out.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Things just happen.

When I was younger in my teens and twenties, I had such ups and downs in my life. Nothing much changes anymore, or is it that I've changed and learned to smooth things out, by having already experienced them. I think my life is still full of big ups and downs. It's just that I know how to handle the bad things alot better. I really don't know about the good things. They still happen, but why don't they feel the same. Is it that nothing is really new anymore? I guess that might be why I am so willing to move or change things now. At least the big things, job, place to live, having children, etc. I'm looking forward to having children in the house. Adoption is going to be a good thing for me. Things will be new again. I saw a picture of a child looking out of a window with his reflection staring right back at him, today on Flickr. I thought about having a son. I'd like that alot.


Today went well. I think having prep first thing in the morning allows for me to get my act together. Everything went well. Nothing much happened at school. I talked with Ryan and about stuff. It's nice to have someone to talk too about tech stuff that understands. After work I went to Britty's varsity softball game at Mesa Grande SDA Academy. They played Aquinas High, a CIF division 5 school, from San Bernardino. They defeated them 6 to 5 and Britty knocked in the game winning run. She did well and I'm proud of her. Nothing else happened.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I woke-up early this morning. I had a bad sinus headache, this morning. It lasted until the early afternoon. It was an uneventful day.

Britty playing the bells.

Britty playing the bells.
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March 18th 2006, playing at La Sierra SDA church.

La Sierra SDA Church

La Sierra SDA Church
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Britty playing the handbells for second service. Mesa Grande SDA Academy Handbells.


We all got up early for church. We had to be at the La Sierra Church at 10:00 AM, for Britty's handbell performance. The Mesa Grande Academy was playing three songs for second service. It was an okay sermon. I like our church better. The pieces went off without any problems. Britty looked very pretty up front in her dress playing the bells. She has a beautiful smile. I like seeing her smile. After church we stopped at Farmer Boys in Woodcrest for a few burgers. I had a big milkshake. It was good! We relaxed during the afternoon. Britty had a softball game in Highland in the evening. It was too bad, but they lost. Britty was pretty upset. I think she blamed herself. She was pitching. I'm glad she just plays for fun, even though she wants to do her best, I'm glad she isn't too serious.