Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday, October 06, 2006

My crying little baby.

Izzy isn't feeling well tonight. She has a fever and is crying. I feeel like crying too when my baby starts crying. I was told that I'll get over that after awhile, but that bothers me. I hope I don't ever feel that way. I love her so much.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Talking at Dinner

I was talking to a few friends at dinner tonight and I told them about how I felt last night. I guess the word that comes closest is how the whole "vibe" in the Inland Empire has changed. They all agreed and one of them mentioned just how busy it's gotten out here. I guess "busy" is a good word to describe the Inland Empire, just too damm busy. I joke about always being connected like a borg to the world and it's true. I'm Seventh Day Adventist and it's been said the a "good" Adventist is in the world just not part off the world. I guess sometimes I'd like that separation to be alittle more pronounced. It was Bonnie's Birthday tonight so we had cake and a few friends stopped by that I hadn't seen in awhile showed up.
I caught a kid today with a knife at school today. I guess that was the big excitement at work. It really wasn't a big deal for me. He did go crazy at the office and ran away. I left to go have dinner and I'll find out more in the morning.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Driving home from Marla's tonight from my Kiwanis meeting, I was reminded about how Southern California used to feel. It wasn't so much how it looked, but just a feeling. With all the new construction, homes and people out here it sure doesn't feel like home most days. I grew up in the small town of Sunnymead, now Moreno Valley. It was a pretty small place. I remember sitting on an overpass looking down at the #60 freeway and waving to people. Riding my bike and running in the Orange groves. It's all gone now, nothing really remains of Sunnymead or the Southern California that I grew up in. The weather is still the same, alot of things are still the same, yet it's just not right, different. When I got home, I walked over to a friends to visit. We joked around for awhile, but I just felt like going for along walk. No where in particular just to walk and remember how it used to be. How I was so innocent to things in general. It's different for me now. It's like I know too much to go back. I've thought about moving away, but would it really be that much different some place else. I don't really know. What do you think? Can we regain some of our past and how.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tough Day at work.

I'm feeling like I need some excitement. I'm getting bored lately nothing seems to interest me. Just chilling out with Izzy is cool, but I feel wild inside like a trip some place would be cool. Maybe too much time being single is still inside me. That's stupid. Does anyone else get the urge to go out and get crazy. They've always talked about Middle Aged Crazy. I hope it's not something stupid like that. That's a waste of my time and a pain in the ass.
Izzy went to Daycare again today and had a better day. There is this little girl that grabs her toys from her and knocks her down. Her name is Janelle. Izzy is cool with it and hasn't kicked her ass yet. It's actually better that she doesn't. Izzy packs a mean smack and knows how to use it. She came home and we played for awhile and I really like that.
Debbie is mulling over an offer from her current employer to keep her to stay. I think she ought too just tell them to get lost and go work for ESRI. I've heard nothing but good things about ESRI and everyone I know that works there is very happy.

Monday, October 02, 2006

It just seems so busy

My days are so busy it seems like I never get a chance to unwind, and the furthest thing from my mind is blogging. Izzy is doing great. When I look at her in the morning, before she wakes-up, it's just amazing to me that I have a daughter. She is such a little baby and so beautiful. I bet all parents feel that way. I've been told that there are no ugly babies. I really have to disagree. Some kids are just funny looking. I'm not sure that I would go so far to say that they are ugly, but they sure don't look good. I belong to Minti (a parenting social network) and I wonder if any parents think their baby is "funny" looking. Time will tell if Izzy turns out to be a good looking kid. But regardless, she'll always be my beautiful baby. She sure is taking a lot from me. She's loud as heck, loves to jabber and wave her arms around. I really like that. I actually encourage her to be loud and active. She's thinking and doing something, that's good. She had to go to Daycare today for the first time. It really bothered me that I had to do that to her. I wish I made more money as a teacher, but it's just not the case. Debbie has to work and Izzy has to go to a licensed daycare until she is fully adopted and it is final. Then we have a wonderful friend that is going to watch her. Britty is sick today and although she doesn't feel well, I know she likes her Mom's attention. I have to get ready for bed, I have an Optimist club meeting in the morning before work.