Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oyster Festival

I went to the Oyster Festival with Kim, my sister, and Melissa, my niece. We walked around the Arcata Plaza and had a great time. I meet my parents exercise teacher. She had some nice things to say about my parents.

Dylan's Graduation

The whole reason I came up to Arcata on vacation was to see my nephew, Dylan graduate. He graduated from Arcata High School on the 15th. It was a nice ceremony. It took place outside in the football stadium at The College of the Redwoods. He sat next to his girlfriend, Etta and everything went well. We went to dinner afterwards.

Arcata Oyster Festival 2006

Arcata Oyster Festival 2006
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There are probably 100 such grills set up. The Oyster Festival is a very, very popular event with the locals, and one of the few festivals that lives up to its reputation.

On Vacation

I left on my vacation on Tuesday morning. I left from Ontario, CA and flew to Portland, OR, then to Redding, CA and finally Arcata, CA. It took almost 6 hours. I hope my trip home on the 19th is going to be shorter. I go from Arcata,CA to San Francisco, CA then Ontario, CA. Atleast it's all in the same direction.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Geocaching with Jason

Tonight Jason, my neighbor, and I hit a couple of close caches in town. One is the fifth one on a multi cache we found that part, but couldn't find the sixth part. Overall it was a pretty goodtime.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saturday evening

After the Lavender Festival, Debbie, Britty, Marty and I went to the movies in San Jacinto. We saw The Da Vinci Code and The Break-Up. The Da Vinci Code was good, but not great and The Break-Up was bad. It got me out of the house and took my mind of the week's events.