Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The last few days and catch-up

I woke-up early Saturday morning and went to early service. Debbie and Britty didn't go to church, they slept in. I sat in the balcony by myself. It was Communion and things just weren't right with me. I took Communion, but I sure didn't feel very close with God. I'm sure he was there for me, I just wasn't available for him. I came home feeling upset with Debbie and Britty. I went to work in the yard to work the anger out of me. I hadn't been in the yard for awhile so I had alot of work to do. It took me about six hours to get everything done. They went out shopping and when they got back, I felt much better. Not else happened much that day and I went to sleep late.

Sunday, was a pretty good day. I BBQ'd some really good chicken for dinner. We relaxed most of the day spending time reading and I played some SWAT-4 online.

Monday, was okay. Everyone was excited about the threat of protest by Hispanic students. Debbie and Britty both have the entire week off. They are leaving for a week long softball tournament in Phoenix, Arizona. I went off to work and everything went well. Nothing happened at work. We had a parent meeting after school, but that's about it. After work I came home and worked on a few things before going to sleep early.

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