Sunday, April 23, 2006

The weekend, oh my aching back!

All weekend long my back has been just killing me. I've been in bed with heat and BenGay on it all day long. I haven't left the house except to drop off some stuff at the Optimist Club garage sale. It just seems to be getting worse. It hurts so bad that all I can do is hobble around the house and lay in bed. Sunday, the pain got so bad that I went to Urgent Care at Kaiser in Fontana. My mom thinks it might be some problems with my Kidneys, since I have RPK. The doctor checked me out and said that I have too just deal with it. He sent me home with some pain pills. Oh crap this really hurts. Damm it, I didn't get anything done this weekend. Maybe, I just need to relax and get off my feet. I still don't know how I hurt myself, maybe it's me just getting old.

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