Friday, July 21, 2006

Our new baby comes home today.

We go pick-up Isabel (Izzy) today at 9:30 AM. I'm really excited and alittle scared. I've never spent much time with children this little. She'll be having her first birthday on July 28th. So it's pretty cool that we'll have her for her first birthday. I'm really looking foreword to being a father. Britty was already in fourth grade when I married Debbie, so she never really has considered me her father. Now things will be different. I spent most of the night after class, putting together the crib. We've bought a stoller, highchair, carseat and alot more. Target must have loved our check out. I never knew how expensive a baby could be. So it's just two more hours and it'll be done. You can see pictures of her on my Flickr site. Just look for the link on the right side bar. I think I'm going make a website just for her.

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