Friday, October 20, 2006


On the 17th we had a court hearing to determine if Izzy's parents rights would be severed by the court. It was continued at the request of the father's attorney. So in two weeks, on the 31st of October, we'll know more. I really think he's going to try and take her away from us and have a family member take her, or maybe even try to take her himself. I just can't stand to think about her being taken from us although, I know it's a possibility. It makes me want to cry, when I think about how much she means to all of us. I know this has never been a sure thing, but everyone told us it was a done deal and not to worry. I've invested so much of myself into this, and having her pulled away from our family is going to be just devastating. Debbie and Britty are both going to take it hard, and I really worry about them both. I know I'll survive and continue but it's going to be painful. This adoption process has already taken along time and we've already had two children taken from us before. I'm not sure Debbie is going to want to continue. I really want to keep Izzy. She's my little girl.

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