Friday, December 22, 2006

Off on vacation

Saturday morning at 4:00 AM, we are off on vacation for a few days to see my parents in Humboldt County. It'll be nice to have everyone see Izzy for the first time. I am of course worried about my little dogs, Coco and Candy. They are very important to me, but Jason, a neighbor and friend is going to look after them. He knows how important they are to me. I don't do holidays very well and it's tough seeing my parents grow old. The trip itself is tough, thirteen plus hours on the road and my lack of feeling good about my routine being changed. I'll deal with it. It's been a rough past few months with Debbie in a cast and unable to do alot around the house. But I guess it's helped me grow in a way. Maybe it's just Gods way of checking to see if I'm ready for another child. I'd like to get another little baby for Izzy to have a sister or brother. I don't want her to grow up without a sibling. Even though we fought amoung one another, I love my sisters very much and really would be lost without them. I think my father is really going to fall in love with Izzy just like I have. I still haven't packed, so enough of this I need to gt to work. I hope everyone has a nice Christmas and when I get back you can check my Flickr for pictures of my trip.

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