Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Letting go

I've been told to "Let go and let God," meaning that I shouldn't worry about the things I have no control over and I know it's true, but putting it into action is another story. My mother told me once that all of us Carignans think too much, and she might be right. I need to think more about the here and now and enjoy things while they last. Now how do I put that into action? I'm sitting here with my little dog, Candy Cane, worrying to much and not enjoying her company. She's a beautiful little female MinPin. We've had her for four years and she was already very old when we rescued her. She's very affectionate and lovable. I need to pay more attention to the people and pets that love me most. I'm sometimes so ashamed that it's difficult to love back. Atleast to people. I always feel like I'm going to make myself too vulnerable and get hurt. I need to love more and worry less. Feel and not be ashamed of my feelings. I stuff and keep everything in. It sucks. Why do I hide so much of who I am behind such crap? I don't know. I shouldn't be so down on myself. I think I'm doing a pretty good job with Izzy. That's important!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,
The BEST thing I ever did, by far, to help my stress, anxiety, and over-thinking or racing mind, besides rehab, was VIPASSANA Meditation.