Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things went well today.

Everything went well today. I got to school in plenty of time, had everything ready when the kids arrived and gave a pretty good lesson. Everything got graded and handed back. I did sign up for a GrandCentral account and it seems pretty cool so far. Tonight I watched some video on JOOST and it was pretty nice. I watched a National Geographic Special on Arlington National Cemetery. It was a very good show. Some Twittering and now some blogging. I have alot to get finished Wednesday since I'll be at the CUE conference in Palm Springs on Thursday and Friday. I'm worried about the kids and how they will act while I'm gone. It sucks not to be able to untie the knot from work while I'm away from class. I hope they don't rip up the substitute. It is Middle school after all and they can be a handful for anyone. Except me, I like my kids.

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