Sunday, March 04, 2007


I was up early with Izzy, 4:45 AM to be exact. That's getting to be too early even for me. It was a pot of Starbucks French roast for me, and breakfast for her and the dogs. I hate feeding three right away in the morning, too much noise and movement. Debbie and Britty slept in while I played with Izzy. The wind was really blowing hard outside all day long, so we couldn't go out and play. Izzy and I both went down for a nap at about 10:00 AM for about 2 hours and then got back up and played some more. The girls went shopping this afternoon and I cleaned house and messed around on the Internet. Pizza and Salad for dinner. Then a bath for Izzy. I really like giving Izzy a bath in the evening. She loves to play in the tub. She is so beautiful. I really like being a father although it does have it's moments.

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