Friday, April 13, 2007

Preparing for Sabbath

Tonight I had to go to church to prepare the MediaShout presentation for Sabbath service. It's always a miserable experience for me. Just some monkey work with the computer and confusing plans that are always so last minute. Maybe it's just that I like things very organized and this is always far from planned in advance, but we seem to pull it of every weekend. I was at the church from 6:00 PM till 10:00 PM. No fun for me on Friday night.

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Jonboy said...

It's really a hassle but I think it adds a lot to the ministry. The presentations out here at church and at assemblies really suck big time. Just look at what we can pull off in a night and early morning of hard work. I think it can only get better as the worship teams get their act together and really give us the essential information we need in a timely manner.