Thursday, June 21, 2007

The library and swimming!

This morning Izzy and I went to the Beaumont Public Library's Reading Club. It was packed. Izzy was the youngest child, but she did really well. She participated in all the activities, and really had a good time. We'll be going to the Tuesday Reading Club, because it is for younger children. Hopefully it'll be more appropriate for her age group. She had a hard time sitting still for the story, and she really couldn't complete all the activities. She did have fun, so that was important. After we came home, we went for a short walk and had lunch. Then a short one hour nap. When we awoke, we went next door to Aubrey and Kimmie's house to play in the pool. Aubrey, Kimmie, Nick and Izzy played in the pool for a couple hours. She loves the water and always wants to be with the big girls. Aubrey and Kimmie had Cheer practice so we had to go home. Penny our neighbor invited us over for Tacos tonight so I jumped at the chance. It was good. Penny is a good cook. Krista her daughter watched and played with Izzy for a couple of hours. Krista is a first grade teacher and is really good with Izzy. She wants a little girl bad and she loves Izzy alot. Izzy is so sweet and likes playing with her. It was nice to get a short break. We took another walk after dinner and played at the park. She had a tough time going to sleep tonight. She wanted to stay outside and play. Now it's getting late and I have to go to sleep. I have a busy day planned.

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