Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday and Grasshoppers

I accomplished alot and worked hard today. All my yard work was done and I still had time to spend in the pool with Izzy. She's growing so much and it's scary to think she's only two years old. Her 2nd birthday is on July 28th, so if you want to send something like a new MacBook Pro or something like that,it's perfectly fine. Tonight we went out to dinner with Debbie's parents, Marty and Lonnie to Mimi's in Hemet, CA. The food took forever and that's not a good thing when your dealing with a little girl like Izzy. The meal ended up being pretty good even though it took forever to get.

I've been messing around on Facebook and I joined a group called "Grasshoppers." Grasshoppers are motivated, talented people with a shared belief that helping others comes back in good ways to everyone involved. From friendsourcing (finding help with business or personal projects through friends) to building a network of colleagues for future collaboration, Grasshoppers is a group that hopes to answer the question, "How can I help?" It's a neat thought and it's something that needs to happen more often among friends. It was started by Chris Brogan at

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Chris Brogan said...

Hi Craig- Izzy DOES deserve a new MacBook Pro. And maybe you can keep it safe for her for a few years. : )

Thanks for joining Grasshoppers. How do you think it will change things? Do you have any ideas already on how to be helpful?

Glad to have you on the team. : )