Friday, July 27, 2007

This last week

It seemed like it would never end. My mother-in-law, Lonnie, has been in the hospital this last week. First she was diagnosed with Cancer of the Colon and they operated and removed the cancer. Luckily that went well and they believe that they removed all of it. Then she started having other problems. So she's in ICU at Loma Linda Medical Center getting everything checked out. It's been since last Wednesday that we've been back and forth to the hospital to visit her. I've mostly stayed home with Izzy. I don't feel very comfortable in hospitals and really can't say what I'd like since I'm a private person when it comes to important stuff like that. Sorry for the lack of posting but I've been very busy and haven't felt much like writing. On a good note, Izzy and I have been taking swimming lessons at the new Banning public pool and she's really doing well and isn't afraid of the water. Today was also Izzy's second birthday. we really didn't do anything and that kinda disappointed me, but things have just happened that could not be helped. Hopefully next week we'll have a party for her. It's been over a year now that we've had her and I never thought that I could ever love someone so deeply. She is everything to me. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little baby daughter. I think it's time for bed. I have church in the morning and I really need to attend services and Sabbath school with Izzy. She really likes Sabbath school and I have alot to pray about tonight and tomorrow.

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