Monday, August 27, 2007

The first few weeks of school.

it's been pretty busy for me these first few weeks of the new school year. I'm teaching three classes of 8th grade Social Studies, one class of Math Support (math for kids that are WAY behind) and one Study Skills class. This week I've had Jury duty and I've had to call in each night to see if I am wanted at the court. That's so I can drive to Riverside, sit all day and then get dismissed for not being a fair and impartial juror. So everyday I have to make substitute plans and then call, only to be told that I have to wait another day. It's really nice of them to do that. It just burns me up. Like I can sit on a jury. I wouldn't believe a word being said by the defense. It would e California's first Death Penalty case for petty theft. But enough of the ranting about that. Izzy is doing well and talking up a storm. She repeats everything, I really have to watch my mouth. She's really been attached to her mom alot also. I've been pretty content with things although I really think I need a 'mentor" of sorts to help me make some work related decisions. I've thought about a really nice guy in the Optimist club that is on the school board here in town and he used to be a principal in the Adventist school system. A pretty sharp guy that would give me some good advice. I'll have to think about it though. I feel like I'm loosing direction lately at work, maybe it's just a lack of interest. Debbie and Britty are both fine and things seem to be going well with Britty's first first few days of her Senior year.

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