Sunday, August 19, 2007

Izzy in the tub

Izzy in the tub
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My little Summer girl with her tan. Her and I had a wonderful Summer. Swimming lessons, Playdays at the park with friends, and the Beaumont Public Library reading classes for toddlers. I miss spending all day with her. But I'm back to work.
Saturday we went to church, I did my yardwork and we bbq'd in the evening. Chicken and Zucchini, it was a wonderful day! Today we played out in the backyard in our little inflatable pool with the neighbor girls, Aubrey and Kimmie. We bbq'd Carna Asada for dinner. I had another wonderful weekend.

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Unknown said...

Aaw, how cute. Im here in Beaumont too, didnt know about the toddler reading program at the library, but Ill look into it!