Wednesday, October 03, 2007

At ease and Kiwanis

It's been a nice week so far. I feel very relaxed. Nothing has really been bothering me. It was nice to go to Kiwanis tonight at Marla's, even though I had to run the meeting, since all the club officers went missing. My neighbor, Jason joined tonight which is great. He's a good guy and lots of fun. I'm looking foreword to working with him. He comes up with some funny stuff sometimes. All the people in Kiwanis are great people, I guess that comes with joining an organization that is looking to making a positive difference and serve the community. When I spoke tonight about recruiting people into Kiwanis, I told them that the club and people just sell themselves to good people and to go and ask and people will come. Ask and they will come it's like that baseball movie with Kevin Costner. We'll ask and good people will come and join. I really believe that. I think that alot of people out in the community are just waiting to be ask and introduced to Kiwanis. I have a goal to recruit at least five new members this year. One down with Jason and four more to go.

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