Monday, September 22, 2008

How different my life is today.

As a child I always dreamed about being a larger than life hero. My favorite author, Robert E. Howard wrote the Conan series of books about a barbarian warrior that became King. Conan's heroic stories allowed me to escape from my life. Today my life is not what I dreamed it would be.
Going to work, school and home is not the adventure of my youth. It is the adventure of a different sort, fulfilling and challenging, yet mundane. I am realizing that I am stuck in a routine that ensures failure not success. I need to change. Today I am going to try and start anew with the important people in my life, make some apologizes and make concrete efforts to be a better Husband, Father, along with all the other roles I have. I am sorry to all the people I have dissappointed, namely my wife and children. It seems like they have suffered the most from my lack of effort. I need to review what I do on a daily basis and see if it really matters when I look at the direction I want my life to take. If it really even matters at all.

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