Monday, July 06, 2009

The long day ahead of me.

The weekend is over and as usual it didn't seem long enough. I didn't get half the things done that I would have liked, but that's life. I'll be continuing to work towards fulfilling my 600 hour internship for graduate school this week, which is not a whole lot of fun. I guess boring would be a more appropriate word to describe it, but it is close to home and they are very nice at Beaumont High. I have alot to get done today and hopefully I'll be able to get most of it done. I usually feel happiest when all my daily work is done. I've been up since around 4:30 AM and even for me that's early. This Summer is really a drag. All work and no fun, I think I'd rather see graduate school just be over, I'm not sure I've learned much, it's more a matter of fulfilling requirements, not actual learning.

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