Monday, May 20, 2019

Alittle absence

Well things have been going reasonably good these last few weeks, I am still up in the air on how much longer I am going to work in education.  Retirement sure would look good but I am not sure it is feasible at this time maybe in a few more years.  I really think that as long as I am able I'll have to work.  I don't really know what else i would do to take up my time.  For me, idleness is the devils playground and I don't do well mentally without some stimulation/work. 

I have been reading alot this year so far and am going to easily meet and exceed my reading goal of a book a week for the year.  I really enjoy reading and have always been a big reader since I learned to read.  I have to thank my mother for instilling in me this love of reading and books in general.  I like self help, history, SciFi and fantasy for the most part. 

I do like the quiet and order of an early morning.  I need to get back to getting up early again and make it a habit.  I get up about 6:15 AM every morning, but I'd like to get up at 5:00 AM.  If I am going to do that I need to get to sleep earlier so good night for now. 

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