Monday, May 25, 2020

Yesterday and Today

It was a heck of a mess the last couple of days.  I took Marty, my father-in-law, to the emergency room and Loma Linda Univ. Medical Center.  We spent 16 hours in the E.R. before he was admitted. He did get some great care and the staff was really fantastic.  I think, Marty, just went in to get some pain relief and didn't get what he wanted, which was to be heavily sedated.  They haven't located the reason for the pain in his left leg, but I am pretty sure it was related to the cancer he has.  I also think he has a very low tolerance for pain.  I got home at 4 AM this morning and woke-up at 9 AM so I could sleep tonight.  I am beat today, although I did accomplish a few things that I wanted to get done.  

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