Thursday, March 16, 2006

The last few days.

Tuesday morning, I went to my morning Optimist Club meeting. We had a Detective from the Beaumont Police Department talk to us about the local gang problem (or lack of a problem) in Beaumont. We really don't have any local active gangs. Our city has a few Tagging Crews, but they are fairly low key and don't cause major problems. I don't really notice much graffiti or kids just hanging around causing any trouble. That's good, I moved out here to avoid seeing that. The school day went well, and I've been keeping the students very busy. Tuesday night, I couldn't get to sleep right away so I read for awhile. Wednesday was a great day. We had another Flex Day. I went to lunch with some of the other teachers at Perris Burgers. I had a chicken teriyaki bowl and Chinese dumplings. It was great although I was still hungry. After tutoring I had a Blood Bank appointment. I was on the machine for about two hours. I was drained after that. I went to Kiwanis with Fred and Bob, some neighbors. It was a long meeting, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Then right to sleep.

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