Saturday, March 18, 2006

Friday, it sucked!

I thought I had a nice day all planned out. I had a Kaiser appointment, in Riverside at 8:00 AM, and arrived in plenty of time. That was great, because I was worried about traffic. They had me fill out some paperwork and I saw the doctor. So far so good. Then it came time to pay, I pulled out the ATM card and it was declined. Damm, I thought Debbie was messing around and transferred money out of the account. So I paid with cash. I was going to have coffee with Ryan at Coffee Roasters, about a block away, but now I needed money. I went to the ATM and it told me my account was not longer valid. Now I started to really get mad, WTF! I called the bank and they told me that some of the accounts had been compromised in a data theft and they'd sent out new cards and disabled the old accounts. That was nice, but what was I going to do until I got the new card. So I guess it was credit card instead of ATM time. I got to Coffee Roasters and it was empty. I bought some coffee and pastries, opened the laptop to sign in to the free WiFi, and no connection was found. Damm it, the WiFi is out they said. So now I was really screwed. Ryan and I sat and talked, he was drawing in his sketch book also. That damm Ryan had something to do, Art Teacher!!!! I tried to leech off another connection but it just wasn't stable enough. When I walked out to my truck I noticed that the dealer hadn't removed the nail in my tire yesterday like I'd asked them too. Now this really got to me. I tried to stay calm and managed to be polite. They told me to come right over and they'd take care of it. So another 30 minutes lost with the tire being fixed. I drove home and when I arrived, I saw another chalk mark on my front passenger tire. They'd found another nail, marked it but failed to tell me or remove it. I about lost it. I went to a local tire shop and had it fixed. I know the guy, and he did it for free. I called the Toyota dealer back up and this time I gave them HELL. I was really mad. They tried to kiss my ass, but I wasn't having anything to do with that. I got home around 4:00 PM and waited for Debbie. She had an appointment at 4:30 PM and asked me to wait for her before having dinner. We had to go to La Sierra SDA University for a Handbell Festival that Britty was playing in at 7:00 PM. I waited and she arrived at alittle after 5:00 PM. It started to rain hard and we barely made it after stopping at Jack In The Box, nasty fast food. The festival was nice and I had a good time. Seventh Day Adventist schools from all over California played Handbells. I think about 150 kids played and they did individual school pieces and group pieces. It really sounded nice. They played some really nice pieces. Britty played well and I felt really proud she was up there playing. I'm glad she's involved in Handbells. We got home and fell asleep right away.

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