Monday, March 20, 2006

Things just happen.

When I was younger in my teens and twenties, I had such ups and downs in my life. Nothing much changes anymore, or is it that I've changed and learned to smooth things out, by having already experienced them. I think my life is still full of big ups and downs. It's just that I know how to handle the bad things alot better. I really don't know about the good things. They still happen, but why don't they feel the same. Is it that nothing is really new anymore? I guess that might be why I am so willing to move or change things now. At least the big things, job, place to live, having children, etc. I'm looking forward to having children in the house. Adoption is going to be a good thing for me. Things will be new again. I saw a picture of a child looking out of a window with his reflection staring right back at him, today on Flickr. I thought about having a son. I'd like that alot.

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