Sunday, March 19, 2006


We all got up early for church. We had to be at the La Sierra Church at 10:00 AM, for Britty's handbell performance. The Mesa Grande Academy was playing three songs for second service. It was an okay sermon. I like our church better. The pieces went off without any problems. Britty looked very pretty up front in her dress playing the bells. She has a beautiful smile. I like seeing her smile. After church we stopped at Farmer Boys in Woodcrest for a few burgers. I had a big milkshake. It was good! We relaxed during the afternoon. Britty had a softball game in Highland in the evening. It was too bad, but they lost. Britty was pretty upset. I think she blamed herself. She was pitching. I'm glad she just plays for fun, even though she wants to do her best, I'm glad she isn't too serious.

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