Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Magic Mountain

I went to Magic Mountain today with about 160 kids from my school. It was wild. I walked around most of the day with Ryan, Veronica, and Jason. I didn't ride on any of the rides, since last year I got sick and blew chunks all over the place. It was great, we had a nice lunch with the kids and the kids didn't have any line to stand in for the rides. I really like my kids this year. On the way home Casey Martinez threw up all over the bus, it was funny as heck and he really took the kidding well. Like I said before the kids this year are really a great group. I'm going to miss seeing them when they promote. I hope I get as nice a group next year. We got home about 9:00 PM and I had to get the mess up on the bus. It was gross but I managed not to blow any chow myself.

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