Sunday, July 30, 2006

A day away and why Verizon tried to cheat me!

Today, I had to run a few errands. I picked up my friend, Jack, and we went down to Colton PD to drop off some papers. It was cool we got to see the new Command Post and Armored Rescue Vehicle. Then we went to Red Robin in Redlands for lunch. We went to the Verizon store next and I was going to buy a Motorola Q to replace my LG VX600. I've had my LG for two years and after two years you qualify for $100 off a new phone. Online they are selling the Q for $199, but in the store it goes for $299 and they wouldn't move of the price. That was ok, although I was alittle pissed off. I'll order it online. Then off to Barnes and Noble just to buy a couple of magazines and waste sometime. It was nice to be out of the house with Jack, doing the grow-up thing. I'd been with Izzy all week long just hanging with her. I got a couple of zines and we went home. When I tried to order the phone online, they tried to screw me with the price. The site said that the phone was $199 but when I logged in and put it in my shopping cart it was $299. What the heck is that. It took my $100 off for renewing my contract but wouldn't give me the online price for the phone. I called customer service and started to get mad. I feel like I'm getting the run around and was told that I'd have to email the website customer support. I've researched the phone and have been waiting for the time that I'd get my phone. I'm thinking that they are going to try and screw me and I'm going to have to really get pissed off. Well enough of that, I just think it's wrong that they are doing that. I might go to Cingular or T-Mobile.

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