Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday has been worse!

Today went well in the morning. We woke-up had breakfast, went for a nice walk and went shopping. Izzy and I drove to Redlands and went to Gymboree for some play classes. It wasn't going to start for a few hours and I had a free pass so I decided to come back another day. We went to the Verizon store and bit the bullet and bought myself the Motorola Q pda/phone that I wanted. It's really cool and I'm enjoying all the features. I'll blog about that later. The vacuum cleaner took a dive at home so I stopped at Target and bought a new one. I do love to vacuum, when I feel stressed. I really don't know why, but I get that vacuum out and just go to town. Maybe I just wore the other one out. Then we went to Stater Brothers for some food for dinner. I'm going to some steaks. It was a good morning overall and Izzy is such a doll. Debbie got home and took Britty to get her permit at the DMV in Banning. Izzy was taking her nap so that's not a problem. I am getting tired of not being able to get alot of my work around the house done. Debbie and Britty always seem to be busy going places and I stay home with Izzy. It kinda makes me feel mad. Izzy and I aren't with them much. I need to talk to Debbie about that. Izzy and I had an appointment at the WIC office in Banning to get some services for her, if she needs them. Free food is what it comes down to. Our Social Worker told us to get this, too off set the cost of taking Izzy. I guess because her natural parents don't support her, we get some help. Britty passed her test at the DMV, so she needs 6 hours of lesson behind the whell and she'll have her permitt. Debbie was taking Britty to a pitching lesson but the WIC worker needed Debbie. So Debbie and Britty had to come over to the WIC office in Banning. The appointment took longer then we thought so we decided to go to the new Applebees in Beaumont. It had just opened a week ago and I was suprised we got seated right away. It was nice to have dinner, although I felt angry and resentful at Debbie and Britty. It's something I need to talk over with Debbie.

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