Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not taking things to well

I didn't have a good day today. I don't like alot of surprises in my life or disorder of any kind. Today was nothing but a mess. The house is a mess, concrete grinding to flatten the floor so we can have the wood laminate flooring installed in the family room, living room, dinning room and halls. After a day of loud noise, dust, disorganization, general craziness, and a two year old girl that I love, but is always busy. I've had it! I need a rest, a break, some peace and order. I won't be getting it. Friday will be another day of the same. Even here while I sit writing this after everyone has fallen asleep, it's a mess. Concrete dust on everything, furniture crowding me and nothing in it's place. I guess what they say about about getting by little by little, it will happen tomorrow. I'll survive and hopefully enjoy my time with Izzy, but everything else I'm pretty sure will be a struggle and hopefully soon forgotten once the floors are done. It's at least nice that it's quiet now. Izzy looks so calm and angelic while she sleeps. Hopefully she sleeps through the night. Some coffee in the morning and another day to get through.

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Tim said...

Concrete dust is no fun. Hopefully today was a bit better. Good luck on your laminate flooring project. I recently reformulated our laminate flooring forum to be cleaner, faster and anti-spammer. I invite you to check it out, perhaps you'll find some useful thoughts, or perhaps leave some! Ciao. /tim