Sunday, August 05, 2007

At my parents house

Izzy and I yesterday here at my parents house for a weeklong visit. My parents live in Northern California. About a 13 hour drive or two hour flight from my house. McKinleyville CA. It's called, just North of Arcata and Eureka. It's a nice little place on the coast in the Redwoods. My parents have a nice house right on the ocean. Izzy and I had a nice flight out of Palm Springs with change of planes in San Francisco. Izzy was wonderful and slept most of the trip. Yesterday I went for a long walk on the Hammond trail with Izzy and my older sister, Kim. Worked in my parent's yard with my brother-in-law, Dave, a wonderful guy that I really admire. Today, my Mom, Izzy and I went to church, napped and bbq'd at Kim's house. It's been a nice two days. Posted on my Blackberry.

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