Friday, April 12, 2019

Another day

It was an interesting day at school. Today we had the Riverside Area Rape Crisis speaker come to my classroom and give a talk about sexual harassment to the kids in all of my classes.  it was a very informative presentation of a very important subject that I think went over most of the boys head, the girls seemed to understand.  Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day, somethings have been bothering me lately and I really wonder what my future will hold.  I really worry too much about things I don't have much control over.  I think I am alot like my mother that way.  I see alot of both my father and mother in me.  Good and bad, but overall I think I am a good person but not without some faults.  I also have a hard time forgiving myself for the mistakes I've made in my life.  I sometimes thing of myself as a failure and that isn't true.  Enough of this I need to get to bed and get some sleep i have an early day ahead of me. 

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