Monday, February 27, 2006


I woke up early Sunday. It was a nice morning. Debbie dropped off Britty at school at 10:00 AM for a work bee at the softball field. Tom, the coach, for Britty's softball team needed the field worked on. Debbie and I, took Aubrey and Kimmie to see some baby goats over at Nancy's house. They'd been born about 3 hours earlier and they looked so cute. The girls really liked them. We stayed about an hour and then went home. I mowed, edged and trimmed the backyard. Then it was BBQ time. I bbq'd some teriyaki chicken for dinner. I'd have to say, it was a great dinner. Debbie did some great potatoes and the chicken rocked. After that Jack and I had coffee at Starbucks. We stayed until closing. When I got home, I was ready for bed. I'm still reading Clive Cusslers, Polar Shift.

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