Friday, March 03, 2006

Thursday, The kids came back today!

I had a nice day with the kids at school. I'm back on track until the end of the year in June. I went to dinner with some of my AA friends at Mimi's, and then off to my regular AA meeting. We talked about how AA wasn't a quick fix. I shared, that although I've been in the program almost 13 years now, I am still growing and maturing. It seems that alcohol stunted my emotional growth and maturity. It's been since I came to AA, and gave up alcohol, that I've learned to become an adult. I still look towards the people in AA, friends, family and God for direction and guidance. As time has gone on, I really believe that I've grown tremendously as a person. Things are still difficult, but I believe that as time goes on I'll grow to be a better person. It seems that I gather bits of information everyday about life that help me. I have some good examples.

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