Saturday, March 04, 2006


Today was the second day of our last Trimester. The day went well at school. Debbie, Britty, Marty and I had tickets for a Mighty Ducks games against the Minnesota Wild. Britty started throwing up, so Britty and Debbie couldn't go. I tried to call a few friends but no one wanted to go. So it was just Marty and I. The Ducks beat the Wild, 4-2. It was a pretty good game. Marty and I got to talk alittle and that was nice. When I got home I watched a movie, "A History of Violence." It was a good movie and it made me think about leaving my past behind and how difficult that's been in many cases. Talked to my friends Ryan and Tim today while I was at the game. It was nice to hear from them. Tim and I have been friends for years, Ryan and I have only know each other for about two years, but he's a really nice guy. I like talking to him. There are a few other things I'd like to write about but it's getting late and nothing is really resolved yet.


Ryan said...

Hey just remember that everything always does work out in the end. I'm sure that everything will work itself out. Just look at the positives and negatives of all the options.

Ryan said...

Hey just remember that everything does work out for the best in the end. Just weigh in the positives and negatives for all the options.