Friday, July 14, 2006

The last few days

I've been fairly busy around the house, running errands and yardwork. Lonnie is still in the hospital, so Debbie has been on edge wondering if she's going to be okay. It looks like it is a bad case of multiple Kidney stones. Ouch, that's going to be painful. It's been hot and several major fires are burning the heck out of the desert a few miles away from us. Over 50,000 acres have burned. Smoke hasn't been a problem, the wind is blowing out towards the desert. Britty was gone for two days up in Big Bear with friends. She said it was cool in the mountains and she had a great time. The Summer volleyball season has started for Britty, so that means we'll be busy going to games. She's also taking softball pitching lessons in Yucaipa, and I went yesterday to catch for her. I took a few pictures of the fire and put them up on Flickr, so just search for my last name and you'll find them. Last night was school and that always drives me crazy. I just can't stand still that long and pay attention to material that I'm not even interested in. On a positive note, Ryan and I had diner and it's always nice to see friends. We at a real dive though, that didn't even have Iced Tea. The place was trashed also. I just looked beat to hell, but the food was okay. I guess people go to get drunk not eat there. I need to make two business cards in Photoshop for the Kiwanis and Optimist Clubs. I'm going to really try and get new members. I think both clubs need new blood. I guess the problem across the country is that Civic Clubs are dying. Well, I'll try to change that here. I did complete a simple website for the Optimist Club here in Beaumont. Here is the URL, hopefully it will generate some interest and I'll get the word out that we exist and what our message is. I need to get one made for the Kiwanis, although I'm having a tough time getting motivated. Wednesday, I went on a Intra Club Kiwanis Club visit to Banning, CA. It was a larger meeting and a group from Highland also visited. It meet at Johnnie Russo's on Ramsey Street and the lunch was horrible. It took forever to be served and it just wasn't very good tasting at all. That suprising me since I've eaten there before and always had a good meal. Today, Britty is going to work at Nancy Hall's place cleaning out stalls and doing some office work. Hey it's good money and she wants to get a few things when she gets paid. I think it's good for her and she'll understand the value of money now that she's working for it herself. She's a good kid and I really am proud of how well she is doing. We are going to visit Lonnie tonight at the Hemet Valley Hospital and I hope that she's feeling better. Sabbath is coming and I'm hopeful for some rest.

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