Saturday, July 15, 2006

Surgery and Sabbath

Lonnie, my mother-in-law, had surgery today. I'd planned on going to church this morning, but we went to Hemet to standby at the hospital with Marty. Lonnie had a complete bowel obstruction. They had to open her up, and remove about 18 inches of her lower intestines. Debbie and Britty have both been upset. I feel very uncomfortable going to the hospital. I don't like seeing anyone sick, because it reminds me that it could be the people I love. I really don't like watching Debbie and what it does to her. I don't like feeling or seeing the pain, but I try to be strong for Debbie's sake.
I worry that it's going to be my parents someday. I sometimes try to distance myself from this pain. It doesn't really work.

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