Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I tried to donate yesterday at the Blood Bank, but I was turned away because my iron was too low. So I got alittle upset and bought Iron pills to take, since I've been borderline the last few times. When I got home I relaxed and started to prepare dinner. I was going to BBQ some hamburgers, but Marty, my Father-in Law called and said the Lonnie, my Mother-in-Law was at the Hemet Valley Hospital ER. She was having some severe abdominal pain. We immediately drove to Hemet to support Marty, since he sounded very upset on the phone. We waited while she was evaluated in the ER. After a few hours, Britty and I went to dinner. We brought food back for Debbie and Marty. About 10:00 PM, we left and Lonnie was admitted so that could find out was wrong.

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