Thursday, October 05, 2006

Talking at Dinner

I was talking to a few friends at dinner tonight and I told them about how I felt last night. I guess the word that comes closest is how the whole "vibe" in the Inland Empire has changed. They all agreed and one of them mentioned just how busy it's gotten out here. I guess "busy" is a good word to describe the Inland Empire, just too damm busy. I joke about always being connected like a borg to the world and it's true. I'm Seventh Day Adventist and it's been said the a "good" Adventist is in the world just not part off the world. I guess sometimes I'd like that separation to be alittle more pronounced. It was Bonnie's Birthday tonight so we had cake and a few friends stopped by that I hadn't seen in awhile showed up.
I caught a kid today with a knife at school today. I guess that was the big excitement at work. It really wasn't a big deal for me. He did go crazy at the office and ran away. I left to go have dinner and I'll find out more in the morning.

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