Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tough Day at work.

I'm feeling like I need some excitement. I'm getting bored lately nothing seems to interest me. Just chilling out with Izzy is cool, but I feel wild inside like a trip some place would be cool. Maybe too much time being single is still inside me. That's stupid. Does anyone else get the urge to go out and get crazy. They've always talked about Middle Aged Crazy. I hope it's not something stupid like that. That's a waste of my time and a pain in the ass.
Izzy went to Daycare again today and had a better day. There is this little girl that grabs her toys from her and knocks her down. Her name is Janelle. Izzy is cool with it and hasn't kicked her ass yet. It's actually better that she doesn't. Izzy packs a mean smack and knows how to use it. She came home and we played for awhile and I really like that.
Debbie is mulling over an offer from her current employer to keep her to stay. I think she ought too just tell them to get lost and go work for ESRI. I've heard nothing but good things about ESRI and everyone I know that works there is very happy.

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