Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Driving home from Marla's tonight from my Kiwanis meeting, I was reminded about how Southern California used to feel. It wasn't so much how it looked, but just a feeling. With all the new construction, homes and people out here it sure doesn't feel like home most days. I grew up in the small town of Sunnymead, now Moreno Valley. It was a pretty small place. I remember sitting on an overpass looking down at the #60 freeway and waving to people. Riding my bike and running in the Orange groves. It's all gone now, nothing really remains of Sunnymead or the Southern California that I grew up in. The weather is still the same, alot of things are still the same, yet it's just not right, different. When I got home, I walked over to a friends to visit. We joked around for awhile, but I just felt like going for along walk. No where in particular just to walk and remember how it used to be. How I was so innocent to things in general. It's different for me now. It's like I know too much to go back. I've thought about moving away, but would it really be that much different some place else. I don't really know. What do you think? Can we regain some of our past and how.

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