Monday, March 19, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Just to busy to do much writing lately. Britty has been doing very well in the Loma Linda softball tournament, even pitching a shut out one game. She had two handbell concerts last weekend, one at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA and the other at the Palm Desert SDA church. At La Sierra several other groups also performed and it all sounded wonderful. She'll be leaving for 12 days, Wednesday for a History tour back East. Izzy is doing fantastic and is growing and learning new things everyday. She is so smart and mimics everything. Debbie and I are both fine, just trying to keep up with everything. Sometimes it seems as if we'll never be able to rest. We did manage to get out Sunday night and celebrate my 14th birthday, and that was nice, no Izzy to feed or walk around, no Britty to roll her eyes and give us attitude, just the two of us.

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Anonymous said...

14 years huh?

Man...I can remember when...


It is an accomplishment that some will spend their entire life pursuing.

But for the grace of God...
God bless you and your family Craig.

Your friend,