Thursday, March 22, 2007

I got my chip!

Today I took my 14 year chip in "AA" today. I got off work, and had diner with some friends from the meeting, at Mimi's. I dove over to the meeting after dinner, and as I walked up to the building, I saw a man, obviously a transient walking along a jogging path near the building. He looked so tired and alone. Things could have been different, that could have been me. I don't know how I've survived 14 years without a drink. Sometimes it seems as if I've just fumbled the program to this point. But I've made it this far. Izzy sure has taught me alot lately. A 19 month old little girl is helping me grow into a better man. It's truly amazing how some things work out.

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Jonboy said...

Congrats Craig! 14 years is a long time and I'm proud of you. :)