Friday, February 24, 2006

3rd Grade GATE and AA Meeting

Thursday, I went back to Honey Hollow Elementary School, to teach a 3rd grade GATE class. I started teaching 9 years ago at Honey Hollow and it really brought back some really good memories. It was nice to see kids playing on the playground, running and laughing. It was always pleasant to start the day seeing such fun. The school day went fine, but I am glad that I made the switch to Middle School. I think it better fits my personality. After school I went to have dinner with my friends from AA. I've missed a few meetings in the last month and need to be more regular, but things happen. It was a nice meeting. I talked about Dwayne's death. I felt better after that. It had been bothering me since I found out. I'm glad I got that out. I'm lucky to have people to talk to in AA.

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