Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A nice day with an old friend

  • I spent today with an old friend, Tim Brown. I've known Tim for over twenty years. He'd come in from Grand Junction, Colorado for Dwayne's funeral and had delivered the eulogy. It was nice to spend the day with him. I picked him up at his Mom's house in Riverside. He and I stopped at Riverside Community College, both of us had worked at the college in the past as Police Officers. We talked to a few people, but no one had stayed at the college police department long enough to remember us. It had been almost 20 years ago when I worked there and then only part-time. We had lunch at Spaghetti Factory in Riverside, it was a pretty good meal. We talked about old times, both good and bad. I really miss Tom alot, as I said in my prior post. It was really nice to spend time with such a close and good friend. Things have changed for me and I wish he'd been around to share the last few years, they've been the best times I've every had. My life has really solidified. I have everything I've ever though possible. I don't get the feeling that things are as good for Tim. After lunch we stopped at Starbucks in the University Village. I think it brought back both good and bad memories for both of us. Just sitting drinking coffee and talking about how life was and how it is today. A friend, Ryan saw us and stopped by. I think it was good since it lightened the tone and Ryan is really a nice person. After awhile we all had to leave. I dropped off Tim and felt pretty bad to have our visit cut short, but I had to get home and he had other things to do. I really felt like I could have spent all night talking to him, we have so much in common. As I write this a few days later, I have to smile and remember how nice it is too have such a good friend for over twenty years. I really think I'm fortunate to have such a full life with close friends, like Tim and Jack. I don't know what I would have done all these years without the support and love they've given me. I hope that I've been equally a good friend to them.

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Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for coming to Dwayne’s Funeral. It meant a lot to me, and everyone there.

Craig, it’s only the miles that have grown apart between us. You always have been one of my very closest friends, and you still are.

For me life isn't about easy or hard, it's about acceptance, love, compassion, and understanding. Life is both easy & hard. Dwayne was a butt-head and his final act in life was very selfish. There is a potentially a positive from Dwayne's suicide...that all of his friends and families love grows each, and we all stay in touch with each other to show our children what life long friends we are.

Craig, I really hope you will take the trip to GJ for a visit some time, bring the family! Call me anytime bro!!! I miss you bro.

Love, (smooch smooch)
Your friend for LIFE
Tim Brown
Grand Junction, CO.