Monday, February 20, 2006


It was a mess of a day. I still feel sick. I got into a fight with Debbie, and said a few things I shouldn't have. Britty and Debbie left and went to the movies all day. I just sat, angry at myself, for allowing my anger to get the better of me, and trying to figure out how everything just went so sour so quickly. I'm frustrated when they just lay around all day watching TV. It just seems like there is so much to do around here, and nothing is getting done. I just don't understand how they can just sit on the couch all day long, watching TV and doing nothing. Maybe, it's not my place to say a thing about what they do. Maybe, I should just shut-up about it and worry about what I do, and not concern myself with the actions of others. I really need to work on this anger problem and what eats away at me. I just feel so resentful towards them. I need to get over it. I know it's not Britty's fault, it's just between Debbie and I.

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