Friday, February 24, 2006

Blood Bank and not listening

Friday, It started all wrong. Debbie and I both got up early. She started to talk to me about what's going on with her job. I was just a jerk and didn't want to listen. So we got into a little fight and she left mad. I almost immediately regretted it. I need to be alittle more available for my wife to vent to me about what is important to her. I had an appointment at the San Bernardino Blood Bank for apheresis. They take my platelets and return the rest of my blood. It went quick, only about 90 minutes. We I was done, I was really tired. It really seems to take alot out of me. I was ready to go home and go right to sleep. A good nap would have been nice. Debbie had made dinner plans for us with a few of her friends from work. We meet everyone at the Mill Creek Cattle Company in Mentone for dinner. It is a big BBQ place with some pretty good food. I think I do better BBQ though. So it was a nice dinner and we all chatted. They do give you a great deal of food and we all took food home. Kevin one of Debbie's friends husbands was there so he and I talked most of the night. He's also into computers and like to talk about stuff. After dinner it was late so I went home and went right too sleep.

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